Bangalore Touted As the Next Big Real Estate Hotspot of the Nation

Advertised by millions as the silicon valley of the east, the garden city of Bangalore has come of age and has played a key role in launching the nation into a totally new era of development. The city attracts a massive score of migrants from across the globe due to a notable attendance of a plethora of Multi National Corporations in the region.

There has been a cloud of speculation around the real estate industry in the region due to the ongoing developments around the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, The Goods and Services Act and The Benami Properties Act which are touted to boost the real estate sector across the nation. The real estate builders in the city have given mixed reactions over the course of the past few months with some welcoming the governments initiative whole heartedly while others are coming from an opposing school of thought.

The ground-breaking legislations are also expected to encourage the affluent classes of the city to invest in luxury housing with many already looking to buy penthouses in Bangalore. The astonishing rate at which the city continues to grow makes it a fitting conclusion that the future of the real estate sector in the garden city is full of endless possibilities.


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